What is Therapy Like?

Therapy is a very personal and individualized experience. No two people have the same experience of therapy.  I believe successful therapy is a collaborative process. Most people come to therapy because they feel stuck: whether stuck in a dissatisfying relationship, some emotional turmoil, or a dead-end job. To discover what makes you feel stuck, we will create a safe environment for you to explore your past and present losses and disappointments. It is in the context of this safe and healing relationship that you will begin to feel “unstuck” and begin to grow and change as you want.


I am a holistic practitioner. I believe that our mental health is connected to our physical and spiritual health. I encourage my clients to address all areas of dis-ease or lack of health in their lives. For instance, research is revealing the connection between gut health, inflammation and mood and other mental disorders. While some people really do need to see a psychiatrist and take antidepressants or other medications, I first recommend we look at your lifestyle and see if there are changes you can make to improve your mood and overall health. Sleep, nutrition, alcohol and other substances and exercise all have a profound effect on mood and cognition. Changes in these areas can eliminate the need for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, as well as other medications. It is important that we collaborate with your physician about these matters.


In addition, many people feel frustrated or embarrassed because they "know" what to do but yet they don't do it. This struggle is very normal. Many people find they get in the way of their own progress for both conscious and unconscious reasons. I can help you to understand this process in yourself and see what is getting in your way so that you can consistently live the way you want.